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Build 63 Changes and Updates.
"ReadMe" Updated to reflect the easier setup.

  • Daily Reminder, a new file in the data folder where you can pre-load reminders, so if your corp does daily mining fleets and you go on them then you can add a daily reminder in here and it will ping you at the time you set. a time of XX:05 means the current hour the app is run, so basically 5 minutes after runtime, othwise its HH:MM text.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the app from rendering if you happen to minimise the window, it still wont run while in this state but at it will render once you bring it back to the front.
  • More graphical changes, working on the jump bridge and other UI stuff.
  • Fixed some Parser error's Commands should now be working as intended.

Build 62

  • Added a Help Menu , visible on first run and then after under a toggle on the F1 Key.
  • Added a Key to the New Eden map to give a hint as to how to jump regions. might need to make it more clear we will see how testing goes.
  • Fixed a few little bugs nothing to important.
  • Set the default Partial match values to 3, people can then set it down to 2 if they want or need to and then adjust their own ignore list if their region requires it.
  • Made some more tweaks to how the UI feels and works, mostly behind the scenes stuff.

Build 61.

  • Changed more graphics, added bounds checking on the radial menus so they are always visible even on edge systems, actually added this in an earlier build but finalised it here.
  • Adding an IgnoreList array, to catch those rare situations where a two letter word typed into intel gets partially matched to the first two letters of a system. In Options under IgnoreList comma seperate the words no spaces. example "Help in SYS-TM" might match [INQ-WR] rather than [SYS-TM] .Side note, people should not talk in Intel Channels.

Current Build 60

  • We now only make the alert noise when an intel report comes from some one other than us, were making the report we don't need to hear an alarm.
  • Added a Galaxy Map, allowing easy selection of regions, using the new button on the Right Radial menu will bring up the Galaxy map then simply Jump the region you want to view with the left Radial's Jump button.
  • Finished the following Regions on Request . "Pure Blind" and "Fade"
  • Made some Graphical tweaks to the default theme.
  • Added !Command auth, commands are now only executed if their made by the player, (still needs testing)
  • Still to add Alliance Leader Checks, so that Alliance Leaders can execute a !CTA command and have it active on all players in channel running this tool. (Will also need testing.)
  • Theme changes, new art, updating some old art.

Build 59

  • !CTA System Message- this will trigger a CTA Alert and show the staging system on the map, at the moment this is only for testing, the end goal with this is to have the tool watch Alliance Chat, and if specific FC/Leadership type people call for a CTA in the method above it will alert every member using this map via a flashing alert and audible alarm.
  • Minor tweaks and fix's to the UI and System Info window.
  • More Crash Prevention work done.

Build 58

  • Added a new setting inside config.xml activeStats="True/False" which will turn on or off the EvE API call, I suspect this is causing some people to crash.
  • Fixed some UI Issues with Mouse Clicking being detected when it was not supposed to be.
  • Tweaked a Nearby Feature and added it to the Options window, this will preset the user with a heartbeat when a red is within the set distance, the close the red the faster the heartbeat. As with all sounds your more than welcome to replace the heartbeat with something of your own, a volume slider for this will be in an upcoming build.
  • Fixed the Domain region, not that I think anyone will use Domain I just happened to notice the data was off.
  • Made some subtle changes to the default theme.
  • Started working on the Info Panel the current one its a prototype that is not actually using the gui module, next build or two should show a big improvement on the info window.

Build 57

  • Right Click Radial Menu
    • Jump Bridge Toggle.
    • Mute Toggle
    • Mute All Toggle
    • Time Toggle
    • Top 40 scouts table toggle.
    • Nearby Feature in Options. the closer the enemy the faster the heartbeat, max value is 6, set to zero to turn off.
  • The Status button on the left radial now cycles through 3 times for icons , text, and off.
  • New Default theme, designed to be clear easy to read at a glance and easy on those with colour blind issues.
  • And some other stuff.. have fun.

Build 55&56

  • builds had some missing files which I replaced and re-uploaded as build 57

Ember Intel is an Intel Gathering and Display Map for the MMO EvE Online, for players who are members of large or small corporations and alliances who take part in Null Sec life and use in game Intel Channels.

I have an in game chat channel EmberIntel if you have any questions, it's also a good place to use for testing as I will have added this channel to the intel channels list, this will let you test alerts without freaking people out in your main intel channels.

This Map scans those in game channels and picks out the Hostile Player reports and displays them to the player in an easy to understand manner.

Along with this core functionality there are also some other key features.

  • Custom Sound Alerts for the following actions
    • Enemy Detected
    • Enemy in a system your Watching
    • Enemy in a system you call Home
    • Enemy in your system
    • Request for intel on a given system
    • Request for intel on the system your currently in
  • Ability to Track a number of characters at the same time and show you where each of them are with their own icon on the map.
  • Ability to view a short term history of hostile reports and information on any star in the current region.
  • Ability to save your watched/home systems
  • Ability to Set Alarm's and Reminders.
  • Ability to change theme's to suit your visual needs.
  • Jumpbridge data.

It's a decent start but there are more things I would like to add, this is a bit of a side project for me so any feedback is always welcome.


EmberIntel_63.rar 64 MB

Install instructions

  • Installing
    • Download
    • Extract to the folder you want it in
    • Open the Folder and then Open the Data folder
    • Open config.xml in a text editor
    • Change the value of
      To the path to your own chat logs, should be as simple as replacing paulg with your own user folder name.
    • Change the player name to your own
    • Change the intel channels to the ones you use.
    • There is an OpenAL zip/exe in the folder as well, this is only needed if you do not already have openAL (Audio Driver) Installed.
    • And that's it.